Body + Skin Clinic has combined Mesoestetic’s premium anti-aging combination treatments with their proven skin tightening, Exilis radiofrequency and LED in a unique combination package (Signature Facial Booster) that gives an immediate glow, while saving money, time, and most importantly years of skin-aging.

Signature Facial Booster

In one 90-minute treatment using the industry’s leading products and procedures, our therapist will:

    1. Cleanse +

    2. Exilis Skin Tightening (optional)* +
    3. Exfoliate +

    4. Peel +

    5. Microneedling +

    6. Crystal Fibre Mask
    7. LED for Fast Recovery



The result is an immediate ‘glow’ and increased luminosity, leaving the skin energised and radiant. Collagen production is induced at various stages of the treatment.

The Mesoestetic Mesoeclat treatment combats dullness and fatigued skin. It produces cellular renewal, restoring elasticity, neutralizes free radicals, and promotes whiting with an anti-spot effect. It is the perfect precursor to the highly effective Exilis radiofrequency treatment.

If the Exilis treatment is continued as a course over the following weeks, there is a permanent skin regrowth. Skin is tightened, and wrinkles are reduced gradually as the skin grows over the months following the treatment. This results in a long-term thickening of the epidermal layer for improved firmness.


The Peel, Microneedling and Mask are part of the Mesoestetic, in particular, Mesoeclat Antiageing Procedure.

1. The skin is cleansed to prepare for the treatment, and then…

2. Skin Tightening and cell renewal follows with Exilis radiofrequency treatment which firms and tightens loose skin. Exilis delivers intense heat into the deepest layers of the skin, triggering the production of new collagen and elastin over the next 4 to 6 weeks.

3. Exfoliation with the Mesoeclat Pre-Treatment Solution which peels away dead skin cells

4. The Mesoeclat Pre-Treatment Solution is applied as a Peel for moisturisation and cell regeneration

The active ingredients are:

    • Salysilic acid for exfoliation
    • Azelaic acid for moisturisation and regeneration
    • Allantoin for skin soothing

5. Micro Needling then shocks nourishment and hydration into the prepared skin with a rapid needling action that ‘punctures’ the skin so the serum can penetrate fully while the cells regrow. There is an immediate glow, but the effects are most prominent 4-6 weeks after the needling once your body has produced collagen and elastin and sent it to your skin. (Please note no micro needling will be carried out on the first treatment. Your therapist will massage the ampoule into the skin)

The active ingredients of the ‘ampoule’ applied with the micro needling are:

    • Organic silicone
    • Proteo Pongrotin
    • Co enzyme Vitamin E
Mesoeclat Pre-Treatment Solution

6. A Crystal Fibre Mask is then applied which deep moisturises and provides radiance. It is made of a material for medical use based on 3D nano-fibers. It forms a barrier to prevent moisture loss and enhances the efficacy of the active ingredients and the preceding treatments.

7. Finally, the client rests under a red Led Light Mask

The red LED promotes healing of the skin, it has also been shown to boost collagen production with continued regular use, but in this case, we use the treatment to visibly reduce redness immediately after the treatment. Your skin will immediately look and feel more radiant, but the effects over the coming weeks and months are delightful, in particular, if followed up with a full course of Exilis face.

Led Light Mask B+S

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