Body + Skin therapists are highly qualified, trained and experienced to safely and effectively deliver treatments. We have a holistic and individualized approach to our patient’s needs.

We advise on other measures, such as lifestyle and dietary modifications that can assist the process. We are here to help you attain the result you desire.

Since its inception in 2018, Body and Skin Clinic has been under the expert and visionary leadership of Dr. Natalia Novikova, aiming to empower individuals with healthy body confidence.

The clinic specializes in non-invasive treatments and houses medical-grade equipment to ensure the highest standards of care. With two locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Body and Skin Clinic maintains consistent protocols and treatments across both venues, offering a wide range of body, intimate, and skin treatments, including home care products, all under one roof.

The therapists at Body and Skin are highly trained, carefully selected after completing a 3-to-4-year degree in somatology, and have received comprehensive training in every aspect of the clinic’s offerings. The devices used are backed by extensive medical research, ensuring clients achieve their desired results.

Body and Skin Clinic prides itself on being expert stockists of Mesoestetic and Skinceuticals, offering a variety of treatments to address different skin conditions. The clinic employs an all-female staff, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and development in their field.

Johannesburg Team

Graciela Rasenti

Practice Manager Johannesburg and Cape Town

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in finance

Graciela Rasenti, with an impressive background characterised by over 30 years of experience at the executive level in both large and medium foreign companies, is a dynamic member of our team. Fluent in Spanish and French, she also has a good understanding of Portuguese and Italian, bringing a rich cultural perspective to our team. Outside of her professional endeavors, Graciela has a passion for dancing, music, cooking, and entertaining, reflecting her vibrant and engaging personality. She is a devoted mother to two children and cherishes the joy of being a grandmother to her grandson. Graciela became a part of the Body and Skin Clinic family in August 2022, where she continues to contribute her vast experience and zest for life.

Nthabiseng Nkole


Qualification: 4-year Somatology degree from the University of Johannesburg, graduated in 2002.

Nthabiseng Nkole is a distinguished professional in the aesthetic industry, where she brings over 15 years of invaluable experience. With a SAAHPS qualification under her belt, she is currently expanding her expertise by studying consumer science in food and nutrition. Nthabiseng is passionate about enriching her knowledge and skills, demonstrating her commitment to both personal and professional growth. When not immersed in her studies or work, she finds solace and joy in gardening, playing golf, and cherishing moments with her family. Her multifaceted interests underscore a well-rounded personality that enriches her professional endeavors. Nthabiseng became a part of the Body and Skin Clinic team in February 2024, marking the start of an exciting chapter where her extensive experience and personal interests blend harmoniously with her role.

Atlegang Phakuntsi


Qualification: Somatology Degree from Isa Carstens Academy.

Atlegang Phakuntsi stands out in her field with the highest level of professional qualification the industry offers, including prestigious international certifications from CIDESCO and SAAHSP. Despite Body and Skin Clinic being her first professional endeavor, Atlegang has quickly distinguished herself through her commitment and the depth of her expertise. Her enthusiasm for her work is matched by her passions outside the office; she enjoys spending her spare time engaging in Padel Tennis and quad biking, activities that reflect her dynamic and adventurous spirit. Atlegang joined the Body and Skin Clinic team in February 2023, bringing with her a fresh perspective and a dedication that promises to drive forward the standards of excellence within the clinic.

Nkateko Chauke


Qualification: Somatology degree (Tshwane University of Technology), graduated in

Nkateko Chauke, a SAAHSP-qualified professional, brings over eight years of experience to the aesthetic and wellness industry. Her extensive background is complemented by a personal passion for self-care, as evidenced by her enjoyment of spa dates and valuable moments spent with her son, highlighting her role as a devoted mother. Nkateko’s favorite treatment, Exilis, mirrors her holistic approach to care, offering benefits from face to toe and aligning with her belief in comprehensive wellness. She joined the Body and Skin Clinic team in March 2021, where her blend of professional expertise and personal interests enriches the clinic’s offerings and underscores the importance of balance between professional dedication and personal well-being.

Cape Town Team

Nandipha Zwane


Qualification: Somatology Degree

Nandipha Zwane is an esteemed professional in her field, boasting the highest level of industry qualifications with international certifications from CIDESCO and SAAHSP. With more than five years of dedicated experience, her expertise is complemented by her commitment to safety and privacy standards. As a devoted mother to her daughter, Nandipha balances her professional ambitions with her personal life, cherishing moments spent with her child. Her love for exploring new culinary delights and valuing quality time with friends and family speaks to her zest for life and the importance she places on community and connections. Nandipha’s blend of top-tier professional credentials, a passion for discovery, and a deep commitment to her loved ones defines her as a well-rounded individual, contributing richly to her personal and professional environments.

Zanele Khambule

Senior Aesthetic Therapist

Qualification: Somatology degree, SAAHPS Qualification

Zanele Khambule, distinguished by holding the highest qualifications in the industry, including international certifications from CIDESCO and SAAHSP, is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience. Her expertise is further solidified by her commitment to both excellence and safety in her field. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Zanele is a dedicated mother to two beautiful children, finding joy and balance in her personal life. Her interests outside work, such as shopping and hiking, reflect a dynamic personality that values both relaxation and adventure. Zanele’s comprehensive expertise, combined with her passion for life and commitment to her family, exemplifies her holistic approach to professional and personal well-being.

Zenande Yusi


Qualification: Somatology Degree

Zenande Yusi is a distinguished figure in her field, boasting the industry’s highest qualifications with international certifications from CIDESCO and SAAHSP, complemented by a comprehensive 4-year Somatology Degree. With over seven years of experience, her expertise is unmatched, ensuring a commitment to the utmost standards of practice and client confidentiality. Beyond her professional achievements, Zenande is a devoted mother to her son, balancing her career with the joys and responsibilities of parenthood. Her personal interests include a passion for dancing and a keen interest in staying informed about current affairs, showcasing her dynamic personality and continuous pursuit of knowledge. Zenande’s blend of advanced professional credentials, dedication to ongoing learning, and personal interests highlights her as a well-rounded and esteemed professional in her industry.

Sesona Nqgenqgeza


Qualification: Somatology degree

Sesona Nqgenqgeza, embarking on her professional journey at the Body and Skin Clinic, brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to our team. Her qualifications, including a SAAHPS certification, underscore her dedication and readiness for the aesthetic and wellness industry. Further solidifying her commitment to excellence and safety. Beyond her professional endeavors, Sesona has a zest for life that extends into her personal interests. She enjoys a variety of activities including going out for games, hiking, and visiting cinemas, showcasing her dynamic personality and love for adventure. Sesona’s blend of professional qualifications and engaging personal interests make her a valuable addition to the Body and Skin Clinic, promising a bright future ahead.