What is 3D Facial Rejuvenation?

Body + Skin Clinic’s 3D Facial Rejuvenation is used to treat all signs of aging and stimulate collagen production for deep hydration and radiant skin. It is a 100% customisable, comprehensive, innovative professional anti-ageing system inspired by cutting-edge medical-cosmetic technology.

How does the 3D Facial Rejuvenation work?

The treatment is conducted using the Mesoestetic Age Element peels, mask and a facial massage. 

Its customisable nature means:

  • it provides maximum results,
  • increases treatment adherence and 
  • builds unique experiences in each session.

It combats aging from its origin and corrects visible signs of aging. It is formulated with a [meso] epigene system, the first anti-ageing complex with proven epigenetic action. This means it targets the main activators of epigenetic mechanisms which are environmental conditions, experiences and lifestyle. The treatment covers all essential phases of an anti-aging treatment, allowing customisation in each of its key stages.

Phases of Age Element 3D Facial Rejuvenation:

Phase 1: Diagnosis

This phase involves using a diagnosis sytem to analyse the variables involved in the skin ageing process, and define a customised protocol for each client.

Phase 2: Preparation

In this phase, a facial cleansing gel-oil is used to effectively remove makeup and impurities, and reinforces natural skin hydration.

Phase 3: Stimulation

This phase relies on an exfoliation solution to prepare the skin and stimulate epidermal regeneration. This optimises penetration of the active ingredients applied subsequently.

Phase 4: Activation

This is a customised contribution phase based on the degree of ageing and visible signs of age in the skin.  A combination of 5 products is used to enhance radiance and firmness in the skin:

  • Hydrobalance cream –  a moisturising, rebalancing base that carries to the active ingredients contained in the boosters.
  • Brightening booster –  Moisturises the skin and visibly reduces imperfection and expression lines.
  • Firming booster –  a combination of cell tech and Meso lift complex with firming action stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis, redefining the facial oval and providing an immediate tightening effect.
  • Anti-wrinkle booster –  a multicorrector concentrate with preventative and corrective anti-wrinkle action. Its formula reduces the depth of dynamic wrinkles while preventing the early appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Redensifying booster – a concentrate with redensifying and nourishing action. It provides turgor and flexibility.

Phase 5: Boosting

The boosting phase uses a facial firming mask to provide extra supplemental active ingredients to those used in the activation phase. The mask provides firmness and revitalises the skin.

5 sessions of 60 minutes are required, 2 weeks apart. For more immediate results, you can do 5 sessions, a week apart.

An improvement is seen after each session but optimal results are seen after 5 sessions.


  • Combats aging from its origin.
  • Corrects the visible signs of aging.
  • Provides a firmer, brighter and visibly younger skin. 
  • Increases skin hydration.
  • Protects the skin from free radicals and enhances skin radiance. 
  • Promotes cell regeneration mechanisms, enhancing the synthesis of essential proteins and cell longevity.

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