What is Mons Pubis Fat Reduction?

Mons Pubis Fat Reduction is a procedure where excess fat is removed from your mons pubis, the fatty area above your labia covering pubic bones. The skin on the area is then tightened and lifted, leaving your mons pubis more contoured. Mons pubis appearance may be a cause of low confidence for some women who do not like prominence or increased fat in this area.

The issue of increased fat collection in the mons pubis area can be seen in both slim and full bodied women. Women after abdominal surgery with a Caesar type of cut often develop a pouch of fat under or above the scar. This is not a medical problem, but purely dissatisfaction with cosmetic appearance.

It is a purely cosmetic procedure to improve appearance.

How does Mons Pubis Fat Reduction work?

The treatment is conducted in two parts for a non-invasive approach. The first part eliminates the fat on the mons pubis by using radio frequency which separates and targets fat cells effectively. The second part uses 360 volumetric heating to disrupt old collagen fibers and initiate the process of new collagen formation. The result is a reduction in size and protrusion of the mons pubis as well as skin tightening of the area.

6 – 8 sessions are required to achieve optimal results.

Benefits of Mons Pubis Fat Reduction

  • Non-invasive: The treatment uses a monopolar radiofrequency device
  • Time-saving: Each session lasts only 20 minutes
  • Fat reduction in mons pubis area
  • Skin tightening of the mons pubis area
mons pubis fat reduction skin diagram
mons pubis fat reduction machine diagram

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