Pelvic Rejuvenation with BTL Ultrafemme 360

The BTL Ultrafemme™ 360 is a solution to issues caused by vaginal laxity such as incontinence, loose skin and lost sexual sensation. It is an advanced non-invasive radiofrequency solution. Each session is 8 minutes long and delivers safe energy waves to stimulate collagen production. You can start to feel and see results from just 3 to 6 sessions.

Who should consider having Pelvic Rejuvenation?

Menopausal onset leads to a drop in oestrogen levels and vaginal tissues naturally thin out. Women who have given birth might experience lax vaginal muscles, and similarly with women experiencing incontinence which might make holding in wee difficult.

Pelvic rejuvenation is the process of renewing vaginal cells through the use of different treatments and technologies. Some pelvic rejuvenation solutions are surgical such as a vaginoplasty, while other treatments are non-invasive such as the BTL Ultrafemme 360 and FemiLift laser.

Ultrafemme 360 uses radiofrequency and ultrasound technology to gently heat up and shrink collagen fibers. This stimulates the production of new collagen in the vaginal tissue.

Each treatment session is 8 minutes long and involves the insertion of a vaginal probe into the vaginal canal, as well as passing the probe along the outer lips of the vagina. The probe has different form-fitting applicator tips to account for each unique vaginal canal size and shape so the treatment is not painful at all, although the probe might feel surprisingly warm. The therapist will adjust the temperature to suit your heat tolerance. The heat is distributed evenly across the probe which minimises any discomfort.

The treatments are carried out once a week for a recommended 3 to 6 sessions and there is no downtime. Patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately after the procedure as any redness or mild swelling will disappear after a few hours.

No preparation is required and the treatment is great for menopausal women, women that have relatively recently given birth and women that live with stress urinary incontinence. The results include improved skin texture, tightness and sensation and although improvements can be noticeable from the first treatment session, full results can be felt and seen approximately 3 months after your final treatment.


We will assess you and determine if it is the appropriate treatment for you, you can also bring a referral from your doctor. Our practices are in Sandton, Johannesburg and Gardens, Cape Town.

The required number of treatments will be recommended following your assessment and will depend on the severity of your symptoms. The general rule is 1 treatment session per week, every week over the span of 3 to 6 weeks.

You may require further treatments if the desired result has not yet been achieved at the end of the recommended treatment course. Everybody is different and we will advise you appropriately.

You can make a booking for the Ultrafemme 360 consultation here. If there is an appointment available on the day of your consultation, you can book a treatment immediately.

For more information on Vaginal Rejuvenation, please click here.

Both the Emsella and Ultrafemme 360 technologies tighten vaginal muscles to treat urinary incontinence but the Emsella chair is a pelvic floor exerciser that addresses muscle strength, while the Ultrafemme 360 regenerates vaginal skin.

The BTL Ultrafemme 360 uses radiofrequency technology whereas Femilift uses fractional carbon dioxide laser technology. Both devices have a positive effect on vaginal laxity, dryness, incontinence and improved blood flow to the whole vaginal area. There is a down time of 3 days after the Femilift laser treatment and no downtime with the UltraFemme radiofrequency treatment.

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