Treatment Fees

A 15 minute (usually video) body contouring consultation is complimentary to advise on your optimal individual treatment package, as is a follow-up consultation within 6 weeks of the final treatment. (No exam / No ultrasound face-to-face)

Fee per session
Body Area
(Duration Minutes)
Required Sessions Effect
Slimming & Skin Tightening

Exilis 550 per 10mins

Exilis face 2750 per 60 min

Abdomen, Love Handles, Upper Arms, Bra Bulges, Inner of Outer Thighs (30) 4-6 sessions
a week or two apart
Stimulates blood flow and increases the efficacy of slimming/tightening treatments, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Always used with Vanquish
Muscle & Fat
5500 per 30mins
3850 per 20mins

50% Discount*

Abdomen, Buttocks (30)
Calves, Biceps, Triceps (20)
4 sessions
a week or two apart
Muscle Toning and slimming, Suitable for people with normal BMI wishing to enhance muscle definition.

X-Wave 550 per 10mins

X-Wave 1650 per session

Abdomen, Upper Arms (15)

Buttocks, Top or Back of Thighs (30)

Back and Front Thighs

6-8 sessions
a week or two apart6-8 sessions once a week
Stimulates blood flow and increases the efficacy of slimming/tightening treatments
Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Always used with Vanquish
3300 per 45mins
2200 per 30mins
Abdomen & Love handles (45)
Thighs (60)
Arms (60)
4-6 sessions
a week or two apart
Slimming, Targets the whole area, Always recommended with X-wave
Lymph Drainage
500 per 30mins
Legs (30)
Arms (60)
1 session
a week
Stimulates blood flow.
Enhances other treatments
Pelvic Floor Exerciser
560 (consultation)
1430 (1x28min)
7700 (6x28min)

50% Discount*

Pelvic floor 6 sessions
2-3 sessions per week
Pelvic floor tightening for decreased urinary incontinence and increased sexual sensation.

Video consultation if required R500 redeemable against treatments booked

Vaginal Tightening
with Femilift of Ultrafemme
6600 by Dr Novikova

Ultrafemme vaginal tightening by therapist 3300 per session

50% Discount*

 15 minutes to 30 minutes Femilift 3 sessions 4-6 weeks apart

Ultrafemme 3 sessions 1-2 weeks apart

Making vaginal tissue younger and healthier
Lightening of Hyper-Pigmentation

Microneedling Biomedical Emporium
– 1500 per session

CO2 laser (Cape Town only)
by Dr Novikova
– 4400 per session

Dermamelan Intimate Peel and mask 9000

Serum for home use 1500

 10 to 15 minutes 3-9 sessions (Microneedling)


3-6 sessions (CO2 laser)


once-off (Peel and mask)

Lightening treatment of hyper-pigmented (darkened) area

Jassner (Acne) Peel
Melanostop trans (Pigmentation Peel)
Mandelic Peel (Anti-Aging)

Please Note: A quotation will be provided prior to each procedure. This must be settled at the time of treatment.