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What is Lymph Drainage?

Using a ‘pressotherapy suit’ we performs a gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The treatment helps stimulate the lymphatic system and help remove toxins from your body. Fully overlapping chambers make the therapy very effective due to the precise movement of lymphatic fluids.

The benefits of Lymph Drainage include blood and lymphatic flow acceleration, oedema reduction, tissue regeneration, muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

Lymph Drainage can also treat ‘heavy legs syndrome’, chronic oedema, post-surgical obstruction of lymph vessels, venous insufficiency, ischemic disease, and prevents deep venous thrombosis.

The treatment is widely used by professional athletes, more especially marathon runners, and aids in improving recovery time when injured. Running helps build muscular endurance in your legs. However, this causes a significant amount of stress on the body which could lead to problems such as water retention and swelling. Lymph Drainage provides relief from swelling after a run, or oedema, while promoting muscle relaxation.


Fights against cellulite

Fights against cellulite

Regenerates and detoxicates the body

Regenerates and detoxicates the body

Volume reduction and body shape remodeling

Volume reduction and body shape remodeling

relaxation lymph

Muscular relaxation and massage

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    Other Treatments for Cellulite & Stretchmarks

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    Lymph Drainage works on the pneumatic pressotherapy principle. Special applicator sleeves with multiple overlapping chambers provide gentle massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body. It benefits any area in the body that needs improvement in circulation.

    Depending upon the problem, the number of sessions can be planned but minimum 4 to 6 sessions are required.

    Lymph Drainage is a non-invasive treatment and can be combined with other treatments that will benefit from enhanced circulation.

    This depends on specific conditions treated. Where a circulation problem is apparent for example, removed lymph nodes for medical reasons, this will not be a cure but definitely relieve symptoms, and suggested continued treatments will be beneficial to the individual.

    Each patient responds differently. Some notice improvement immediately following one or two treatment sessions, but most see optimal results after the course has been completed.

    In 1848-1910 the first manual lymph drainage treatments in hospitals were used for relieving lymphoedema symptoms. Technology has improved dramatically. There are endless publicly known and available studies on the use of pressotherapy.

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